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Karin Quirk’s vision for effective, amicable divorces takes a “grownup” approach to dissolution. This short video gives you an idea of our philosophy and how we achieve great results.

At the Quirk Law Group, we focus on amicable, respectful divorces and doing the utmost to achieve out-of-court resolutions. However, sometimes court intervention is required and you may need the services of an experienced, effective litigator.

Family Law Services

Petition for divorce

We help people with legal separation, or dissolution of a family partnership.

Parenting Plans

Thoughtful, sensible, and effective parenting plans for children

Temporary orders for Support

Temporary orders for support, financial restraints, or use of residence.

Child support

Spousal maintenance

Property settlement agreements


A man that utilized our collaborative divorce services in Kirkland, WA
Best Divorce Lawyers in Kirkland
Thank you for your hard work in this case , I know wasn’t the most easy one , but I am really happy with the result and soon I get a place to live.

–Client, July 2020

All your correspondence today was so professional and first class. I now know why you were so highly recommended to me. It is much appreciated. I feel like I am in good hands and we are well on our way there.
Thank you for always being so quick to respond to my questions and needs. You guys are awesome.


Karin and her team were very professional and easy going especially when it comes to dealing with such a stressful situation. In addition the team’s unique approach of handling divorce was nice as it really helped the process and keep costs reasonable.

Albert E.

Building Your Divorce Team

Dissolving a marriage takes a lot of mental and emotional energy. A team of trusted friends, family, and professionals is recommended so that you can get your new life on track. Here are some recommendations when pulling together your divorce team: Family You are...

Trial Seperations

Legal separation, is it right for me? A legal separation is an alternative to divorce. All issues regarding property and children are resolved just like a divorce except the parties are not free to marry. The parties can file taxes separately. Generally, the spouse is...

Common Law Marriage

A warm, sunny beach and a man proposes marriage to a woman. He tells her that since they have been living together for four years they will be married anyway in three years because it will be a common law marriage so they might as well do it now. She said yes.
This story was told to me by a friend. It is romantic and funny. It is also based on a myth.

Keep Divorce Information Private

At one-time divorce files could be “sealed” so that no one other than the parties or their attorney could look at them. That is no longer the case. Divorce files are now public record and available to anyone, with or without a legitimate purpose, but there is something you can do to keep them private.

Co-Owning Property With a Former Spouse

Divorce property settlement agreements are typically based upon the concept that real estate values only go up and there is always equity in the family home. In reality, you never know how real estate values are going to be. There may be times when there are questions concerning what to do about houses that are valued at less than the mortgage, rental property, and houses that have dropped so far in value the owners want to maintain the property long enough to recover some of their losses. You never know what the market is going to be like…These are some questions I frequently hear:

An Amicable Divorce is Possible

As a seasoned divorce attorney, I have observed the damage people do to their children and each other when dissolving their marriage. Discussions over child custody, property division and support can become quite heated, especially considering the emotional aspects of...

Seven Common Misconceptions About Divorce in Washington State

1. This is a community property state so everything is 50-50 While asset and debt acquired during the marriage is community property in Washington, it is not necessarily divided equally. The operating word in Washington is “equitable.” There are a number of standards...

Ten Things to Consider When Selling Your House During a Divorce

1. Selecting an agent to work with Real estate agents tell me that their worst nightmare is a couple that can’t cooperate on selling a house. The real estate agent cannot represent just one of you and it is important to select an agent who can work with both of you....

Is Your Divorce too Complex for an Amicable Solution?

Lately, I have been seeing print and television ads for "complex" divorces, implying that some divorces require special handling by only those certain lawyers. Sometimes folks approach me and tell me they would like to engage in a respectful, cooperative divorce but...

Tell it to the Judge!

I have been making it my mission to change the way people think about divorce. I truly believe in empowering couples to dissolve their marriage in a respectful cooperative way without going to court. Most people find going to court for their family law cases to be a...