Keep Divorce Information Private

At one time divorce files could be “sealed” so that no one other than the parties or their attorney could look at them. That is no longer the case. Divorce files are now public record and available to anyone, with or without a legitimate purpose, but there is something you can do to keep them […]

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New Way to Divorce

My practice has evolved over time to representing parties who have decided they no longer want to be married but want to maintain a relationship with their ex-spouse. They have watched their friends go through bitter divorces and want to avoid the hostility generated by a “divorce war.”

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Common Law Marriage

A warm, sunny beach and a man proposes marriage to a woman. He tells her that since they have been living together for four years they will be married anyway in three years because it will be a common law marriage so they might as well do it now. She said yes. This story was […]

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