Family Law Services

At the Quirk Law Group, we focus on amicable, respectful divorces and doing the utmost to achieve out-of-court resolutions. We work with clients in multiple areas of family law, including (but not necessarily limited to) the following areas:

Petition for divorce

We help people with legal separation, or dissolution of a family partnership.

Parenting Plans

Thoughtful, sensible, and effective parenting plans for children

Decree of divorce

Transfer of property deeds

Temporary orders for Support

Temporary orders for support, financial restraints, or use of residence.

Child support

Spousal maintenance

Property settlement agreements

Qualified domestic order for retirement plans (QDRO)

What will life look like for you after divorce?

Our team is dedicated to keeping your post-divorce quality of life our biggest priority. Our approach to divorce proceedings is respectful and cooperative.