About the Quirk Law Group

Dedicated to helping people through the difficulty of dissolving marriages, Karin Quirk believes in treating clients as grownups by giving them options, reasonable and likely outcomes, and a sound roadmap to carry-out a good plan. With a goal of reducing emotional trauma and optimizing amicable solutions, clients save money, time, and angst, enabling them to move forward with their lives. Making the right choice as to who helps you legally in this important phase of your life can have a profound, long-term effect in assuring your happiness and success. We are dedicated to helping you achieve that outcome.

“Divorce for Grownups” was coined by Karin Quirk, who is in her 20th year of family law practice. Her mission and vision are to offer amicable divorces and negotiated settlements, along with a full-service firm capable of handling even the most challenging cases.

While conventional legal practices typically assign a single lawyer to a case, Karin often works cooperatively with lawyer associates as a team, meaning clients benefit from complementary and comprehensive skills. As a legal “out-of-the-box” thinker dedicated to alternative resolutions such as mediation and collaborative law, Karin’s solutions frequently involve a variety of talented and skilled legal professionals able to provide highly effective results.