Trial Seperations


Legal separation, is it right for me?

A legal separation is an alternative to divorce. All issues regarding property and children are resolved just like a divorce except the parties are not free to marry. The parties can file taxes separately. Generally, the spouse is not eligible for a spouse’s health insurance. The most common reason for legal separation is religious beliefs.

Trial separation, is there still hope?

Sometimes it is good to just get away from each other for a while. There is no need to do anything “legal.”
A vacation from each other might help you decide. Be sure to communicate to your spouse that you are not terminating the marriage at this time, and do not leave without parenting arrangements in place.

I do not want a divorce!

While laws may differ in some states, in Washington State, one cannot contest a divorce. Your best option is to focus on getting the most reasonable settlement you can. Of course, you can ask for a “cooling off” period or even attend counseling but ultimately if one spouse has made the decision to divorce, the other has no other option.

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